Insula’s Development

Recent Events

Our CEO Jules Becci was recently interviewed on Coinscrum about Insula and how it fits into the crypto market.

Insula’s second monthly article has been published on Medium. We discuss the crypto markets recent price action, Insula’s progress and much more. 


Q1 2021

  • Focus on cash flow generation
  • This will be achieved firstly by targeting a large increase in AUM generation
  • Secondly by increasing the number of Insula Premium users
  • We also plan to launch a new investment fund to work alongside our current fund (Insula Malta)  

Q2 2021

  • Focus on interface improvement
  • Integration of Metamask into our website
  • Launch a fund interface that is unique to Insula (while maintaining Melon as the backend platform)
  • Improve our backend analytics systems