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 Decentralized and diversified tokenized funds that provide direct ownership of WBTC, WETH,  Metaverse, DeFi, IoT & Cybersecurity tokens. Low gas fee and audited cyber-infrastructure.

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Insula Demo is our complimentary offering, giving you access to 30 free minutes of call time with an Insula manager to introduce you to the Insula platform offering & functioning.

Insula is a fully decentralized hedge fund that aims to outperform Bitcoin. Investors in the fund maintain full custody of their assets; Insula can trade, but only the investor can make withdrawals. The strategy is to run actively traded funds that are diversified and market neutral, thereby limiting risk

Insula also makes use of algorithms and machine learning to maximize trading opportunities. Decisions to buy or sell are made based on automated signal generations and based on averaged out mathematical oscillators & indicators. This removes human bias and frees Insula from the rollercoaster of human emotion that fuels the majority of buying and selling in the crypto market. 

Now available on ETH, BSC, Polygon & Solana, Insula is officially multi-chain!

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