Diversified crypto investment funds custodied securely on the blockchain and owned by investors through private key.

What is Insula?

Automation 🏧

Access to trading algorithms via our investment fundsThe portfolio components change over time to continuously select the best projects in the crypto market

Returns 📊

Insula is committed to generating risk-adjusted returns for its investors. 

With this in mind, we have decided to run our active investment strategy 100% algorithmically from the decision (portfolio management) to the execution (trading).

Security 🛡️

The use of distributed ledger technology (DLT) for code execution allows Insula to run its fund management through immutable smart contracts, giving us the ability to run our funds with a 0% management fee.

Why Insula?

A growing crypto market 📈

JPMorgan expects financial services companies from the US, EU, Japan and the UK to allocate at least 1% to crypto.

An available early access 📅

Insula allows its clients to benefit from investment services that even some of the largest institutions do not offer yet.

Insula fund is 100% transparent 🧮

Insula uses blockchain to raise the accounting transparency standards offered by classic funds (UCITS/AIF).




A broad and diverse investment universe focused on DeFi tokens.



With Insula, you are the direct owner of your cryptocurrency at all times.



Investors are free to deposit & withdraw cryptocurrency directly into our funds anytime.



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