Crypto investors’ decentralised cooperative:

Access crypto funds & dedicated relationship management. 

Open Source Crypto Funds

 Decentralized and diversified autonomous tokenised hedge funds that provide direct ownership of WBTC, WETH and DeFi tokens.

Description of the vault features.

Risks and investor concerns associated with DeFi funds.

Strategy, risk analysis and historical returns.

Insula funds 

Compare funds. Deposit. Track your investments.

Gain access to Insula Decentralized Crypto Funds.

Investment guides 

Learn the basics. Get started. Acquire investment autonomy skills.

Insula demo

Discover Insula. 

Insula Demo is our complimentary offering, giving you access to 30 free minutes of call time with an Insula manager to introduce you to the Insula platform offering & functioning.

Token Launchpad

Enterprise-grade technology consulting and software engineering as part of Insula’s new crypto project launchpad.

Supported protocols


Events and reports

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