Insula announces the launch and hosting of our new partner Diverse ($DIV)

What is DIV?

DIV is the first decentralized crypto ETF that offers a safe and democratized investment vehicle to gain exposure to digital assets. The Diverse Funds are digital asset vaults designed to track tokens’ performance operating on the Polygon Network (a scaling solution for Ethereum). 

What is Insula doing for DIV? Insula acts as technology provider

Insula Investment Management is the service provider (Fund-as-a-Service) and the hosting platform for DIV Funds.

Therefore, DIV DAO is a client of Insula’s fund hosting offer: Insula fund hosting is an online service that allows asset managers to deploy & manage their own smart contract-based crypto investment fund. Insula’s team brought together the knowledge to create a decentralized fund, hosting & launching of the fund and the onboarding and support of new investors.   

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