Insula Pro

The all-encompassing crypto service to meet any expectations.

Insula Pro is your personal investment interface that allows you to access the entirety of Insula’s investment funds’ software & support service offerings at the click of a button

Request a demo to learn more about the Insula suite and find out if it is a good fit for your crypto portfolio.

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Insula Demo

Discover Insula. 

Insula Demo is our complimentary offering, giving you access to 30 free minutes of call time with an Insula manager to introduce you to the Insula platform offering & functioning.


Insula Pro

For crypto power users.

Insula Pro is a personal investment support service that gives priority to your support issues.

To facilitate your investment process at Insula, our Pro service allows investors to work with the Insula team.

You are provided with a dedicated relationship manager who is at your disposal for any queries, and can also assist you with tax or accounting issues.  Within minutes, the team at Insula can provide clients with guidance on any topics. 

Subscribe to Insula Pro with Insula Pay.

Pay 1999 ISLA for “1 year Insula Pro subscription”.

  1. Purchase ISLA on Uniswap. To buy ISLA on Uniswap, follow our guide.
  2. Click the “Pay” button below.
  3. Follow the payment instructions on your screen.
  4. Send an email to with your payment Txn link or your public address as a proof of payment to activate your wallet’s license.
  5. Log into Insula Pro with your login credentials.