Insula Premium

Insula Premium is your all-encompassing service to help manage your crypto holdings. We provide assistance with depositing into our fund, liquidity pools, ISLA token and any other crypto-related queries.

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager to answer your questions and walk you through any processes you are unfamiliar with.

A Dedicated Account Manager 🧑‍💼

To answer your questions and walk you through any processes you are unfamiliar with

Technical Support 🆘

We can provide help with our investment funds, cryptocurrency wallets, the ISLA token, liquidity pools and more

On-Demand Analysis 🔎

We can offer analysis of individual components of our fund at your request

An Accounting Service 📒

To assist with the calculation of capital gains tax owed on cryptocurrency investments

Market Updates 🗞️

To keep our clients informed of the evolution of the cryptocurrency market as it continues to grow

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1) Purchase ISLA on Uniswap. 199 ISLA for one month, 1999 for one year.

If you do not own ISLA yet, follow this guide.

2) Pay your Insula Premium subscription

Send your Insula Tokens to the following Ethereum address:


Now, send an email to with your Ethereum public address used for payment.

3) Get our guidance

Learn how to invest in our fund with your dedicated customer relationship manager.

4) Start investing

Need Help?


If you need any help understanding the product or would like a free demo, feel free to book a 15min call with one of our experts.