Insula Token

Where to buy Insula Tokens:


Buy ISLA with 20+ cryptocurrencies on Uniswap


How to use Insula Tokens:

Pay for Insula Premium

Provide liquidity and earn rewards in our ISLA/ETH pool on Uniswap 

To stake your Insula Tokens and gain voting rights visit our Aragon page 


ISLA is traded on 1inch aggregator:

Popular decentralized exchanges were ISLA is actively traded (such as Uniswap, MooniswapBalancer and many more) are integrated into the 1inch protocol .

1inch calls has integrated a feature called “infinity unlock,” which once unlocked, allows trading activity to occur without friction. This saves in gas fees each time the application calls to verify an unlock. For power users who interact with DeFi protocols, this can ultimately save them a lot of money.

Need more information?

Please head to our FAQ page to get more information about Insula Token (ISLA).