NEWS: This week we have increased the supply of ISLA token on the Binance Smart Chain. Total Supply now is: 53,244.589926 ISLA

Why do we have ISLA tokens on BSC?

The primary reason for why we have ISLA Tokens on BSC is because the gas fees are lower than on ERC-20 (Ethereum network). Also, we wanted to make the ISLA token more accessible and affordable to investors. The total supply of ISLA BSC tokens are not newly minted ISLA Tokens. Rather, they are ISLA Tokens that have been transferred from the ERC-20 total supply.

Moving your ISLA Tokens from ERC-20 network to BSC networks is something that all our ISLA Token holders can do. This can be done very simply with the use of a ‘bridge’ protocol.  We recommend that you use OmniBridge. Under the paragraph ” Guides To Buying ISLA Token ” of this blog, we will provide you with guides on how to use OmniBridge and how to purchase ISLA tokens on BSC.

What’s new?

As mentioned, the total supply has just been increased to a total of 53,244.589926 ISLA.  What is a great advantage of this supply, is that currently there are not many BSC ISLA Token holders. You can compare the figures between ISLA ERC-20 supply and ISLA BSC supply by following the provided links.

We are looking into a potential means to rewarding our BSC ISLA Token holders. To stay up to date on developments regarding this, make sure to follow us on our social media accounts.

ISLA Token price prediction and correlated crypto currencies

We want to share with all our readers and investors some very insightful information. This is publicly available information; however, it may give you some interesting insight on what cryptos in the market correlate to the ISLA Token. In the picture below shows which tokens have a positive and a negative price correlation with the ISLA Token. This implies that when the price of these token increased or decreases it have a positive or negative effect on the ISLA Token (depending on which token is moving). For further interesting details regarding the ISLA token such as: sentiment, Insula price predictions, indicators, and historical performance visits this site

Guides To Buying ISLA Token

You may choose to do this in several ways:

  1. Simplest: ‘Swap’ (Any Crypto e.g., BNB) Directly on MetaMask (browser extension or mobile app) for ISLA Token
    • NOTE: Make sure that you are on the BSC Mainnet. Also, this requires that you already have crypto on your MetaMask wallet.
    • If you do not have any crypto’s on your MetaMask we recommend this guide
  • Requires Use of Bridge: Buy ISLA Token from ERC-20 Network and transfer to BSC Mainnet
  • Requires Use of Bridge: Transfer current ISLA Token holdings from ERC-20 Network to BSC Mainnet

For options 2 & 3 we kindly direct you to the guide that we have created on all the relevant steps to complete this procedure.

ISLA Token contract addresses

BSC Contract address: 0xfaa50bd0088c39f253102e85e2c78f24890062f7

ERC-20 Contract address: 0x697ef32b4a3f5a4c39de1cb7563f24ca7bfc5947

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