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Insula Decentralized Hedge Funds​

Insula is a quantitative investment manager that provides crypto investors with a diversified exposure to the cryptocurrency investment universe via Insula Crypto Funds.
Note: fund performance below is in %, in ETH & USD.


1-To interact with Insula’s Smart fund please make sure you meet the set up requirement.

2- Invest on Insula Funds in this link.


Filter Funds > In Find fund by Name type “Insula Anastasia” (Capital sensitive) > Click search icon on the right hand side > Click Fund Page.


a. Do not invest in other funds than « Insula Anastasia ».

b. You need to go through Cotrader’s interface.

c. Do not send funds to an address, or they will be lost.

Buy an exposure to the entire Defi ecosystem in one click. All the Defi Tokens you need are included in our funds. Each of our fund takes the form of a synthetic stablecoin. Our funds grant crypto investors an insulation against the fluctuation of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other mainstream cryptocurrencies. Insula is a crypto hedge fund that allows diversification beyond the top main coins. Investors in our non-custodial smart funds can maintain complete control over their assets, with transparent proof of fund performance onchain.

Insula Token (ISLA) is the cryptocurrency that incentivizes our fully decentralized network.

Insula Token owners can:

1 –  Pay bills to Insula Investment Management in ISLA here.

2 –  Stake ISLA and receive interests here.

3 –  Sell ISLA against 100+ other cryptocurrencies here.

4 –  Hold ISLA as a long term investment.​

Follow Insula Token live statistics here

Need more informations?

Please just head to our FAQ page to get more informations about Insula Token (ISLA).

Buy Insula Token in 5 minutes:

1. Make sure you have purchased and own Ethereum (ETH) here.

2. Create your Metamask wallet here by saving your seed keys safely and securely.

3. Once installed, copy the address of your Metamask wallet and send the Ethereum (ETH) into your Metamask wallet. See how to do it here.

4. Swap your Ethereum against Insula Token right below.

Insula Token is trading on