What is Insula Investment Management?

Insula is a fully decentralized hedge fund that aims to outperform Bitcoin. Investors in the fund maintain full custody of their assets; Insula can trade, but only the investor can make withdrawals. The strategy is to run actively traded funds that are diversified and market neutral, thereby limiting risk. 

Insula also makes use of algorithms and machine learning to maximize trading opportunities. Decisions to buy or sell are made based on automated signal generations and based on averaged out mathematical oscillators & indicators. This removes human bias and frees Insula from the rollercoaster of human emotion that fuels the majority of buying and selling in the crypto market. 

ISLA Token (ERC-20 and BSC)

First and foremost, ISLA Token is our native currency that you can invest in. It is used as means of payment for our services in our ecosystem and all ISLA Token are in full circulation. The maximum total supply ISLA Token is 1,028,109.37 on ERC-20. Of which 18,244.59 ISLA Tokens are available on BSC. In Q4 of 2021 we have had the most ISLA Token burns. To be informed about news such as ISLA Token burns, follow us on our social medias (view bottom of blog)

Why Insula and what are the perks?

-Full control over your investment

-Store your own passwords & seed phrases

-Autonomous Investing

-Exposure to diversified crypto assets

-Deposit & withdraw at your own discretion

Services that are exclusively available to ISLA holders:

-Legal advisory

-Blockchain-based fund issuance and hosting

-Fund distribution

-Cloud-based algorithmic strategy development & updates

-Client technical support

-Tailor-made client interface

-Tax reconciliation

ISLA Token is a voucher redeemable for:

-Your own fund

-Support services


-Software dev


Other services provided by Insula:

Crypto related consulting (Legal consulting, quantitative or market research, cyber security advice, investment strategies, intellectual property, smart contract)

-Token creation

-Fund creation

Contact Details and Social Media:

Demo Call: https://insulainvestments.com/schedule-a-demo/

Twitter: insula_im

Instagram: insula_im

Email: Info@insulainvestments.com

Telegram: https://t.me/insulacrypto