Dear Fund Investors and Token Holders,

We are writing to you to express our gratitude in investing at Insula Investment Management. With the year 2021 coming to an end, we would like to summarise the year and explain our Q1 2022 plans.

In February 2021 we launched Insula Pala with $79,491.75 AUM. An average monthly return of 4.16%, a low of -19.14% and high of +49.34% and a +12.01% increase since inception. Insula Scheria was launched in June 2021 and currently with $46,226.91 AUM, with an average monthly return of 41.54%. Lowest month of -23.62% and high of +191.59% and a +427.37% since inception.

With the strategy of diversification to mitigate risk we proudly present this as a positive consequence for the funds. Considering that Bitcoin (BTC) in November-December months declined by -35% at its most.

ISLA Token currently has 789 holders on Ethereum Network, and total supply of token are in full circulation. We have seen numerous token burn throughout 2021. This year ISLA Token has trader for, at its lowest price of $0.151185 and highest at $1.72.

With 2022 ahead of us we aim to tackle the greatest and primary concern for investors as our primary concern. Being the Ethereum (ETH) gas fees fluctuating and evermore increasing. We have already successfully launched ISLA Token on BSC for this specific reason.

We are proud to announce to you that we will be launching a new upgraded fund in the coming weeks. The new fund will include an improved UI, lower transaction fees and a wider variety of metaverse cryptocurrencies to be a part of the fund.

Presenting to you the Insula Phaeacia Polygon Metaverse Fund. Alongside the launch of the new fund Insula is giving away $50,000 in voucher to the first 50 depositors above $,5000 in Insula Phaeacia, our newest Polygon-based Metaverse hegde fund. Each investor will receive a 1 year Insula Pro subscription, worth 1,000$ (1999 ISLA) of advisory service voucher to be spent at Insula. We have 50 spots available!

T&Cs: To be eligible, deposit needs to be equal or superior to 5,000$ at the time of deposit and registration made through this form *prior* to depositing. The free Insula Pro subscription remains active as long as the $5000 initial deposit is left untouched in the fund by he depositor, for a maximal duration of 1 year from the day of the initial deposit.


-Please fill this form to gain early access to Insula 2022 software upgrades and to benefit from the assistance of members of our team. This form is relevant to existing investors who already invested in one of our current Insula blockchain investment product, or if you would like to join our newest crypto fund as a new investor.

-We will be sharing a guide on how to deposit once the new fund has been launched.

Follow this link to fill in the form and sign-up for the Pre-registration