Web3 software suite for wealth managers by wealth managers

Insula provides wealth managers with a secure and geo-neutral access to $2bn+ in digital assets. Scale up your crypto funds issuance and distribution across European jurisdictions with standardised, transparent and cost efficient processes.

Insula provides compliant and transparent solutions to asset managers to allow their client base to put their hands on Decentralised Finance seamlessly. Deposit, withdrawal, custody and vault administration processes are smart contract-based and connected to best-execution decentralised trading venues.

Insula specialises in the development of tailored cryptocurrency investment funds and software – from ideation to key in hands.

Insula includes in its services a Designer Portfolio given the type of constraints that can be imposed in designing a portfolio to suit investors personal preferences. If you are an institutional player or accredited investor willing to step in the cryptocurrency investment world, we will build and sustain an actively managed algorithmic trading fund. Your tailored funds are delivered under the form of interfaces hosted on our website.

Insula Fund services overview

Portfolio & Order Execution Management Systems

Portfolio diversification to provide your clients with a core market exposure.

B2C Support

Allow your wealth management clientele to invest in DeFi autonomously by delegating technical support tasks to Insula.