Report a self-custody cybersecurity issue


Insula is not a security nor an investigation or an analytics company and does not have liability, involvement nor duty in regards to your very own wallet’s security. Your private key is your very own property. You are the sole custodian and responsible and owner of your wallet via private keys.

In case of compromised account, unauthorised transactions or private key theft and other wallet security anomalies please follow the procedures below. 

Insula follows a technology-regulated/ unregulated approach: an open source crypto wallet is only secure as long as the private key is not compromised.

In case of compromised key that leads to theft or loss of funds, law enforcement agencies and regulated crypto exchange can sometimes be of help in last resort, but there is no warranty your complaint file will be dealt with or that your funds get ultimately retrieved, due to the non-reversibility of transactions on the blockchain and the heterogeneity in international law enforcement concerning digital theft.

Please remain aware that most jurisdictions do not provide any investor support for unregulated crypto assets that are technology regulated or left mainly unregulated, such as Insula. 

In a similar way, in regards to ownership law only you can fill a complaint in regards to your private key, since you are the sole owner and sole operator and hence custodian of your secret key in the first place.