Invest with your company

Digitalise your corporate treasury strategy & hedge against inflation with a crypto-asset allocation.

Non custodial solution: be your own bank.

Whitebox & secured: publicly available & audited infrastructure source code.

Proven investment track record.

Onboarding process:

1. Join Insula’s onboarding chat to be guided step-by-step by your dedicated account manager.

2. Open a business crypto exchange account.

3.  Create Metamask & Install Ledger Key.

4. Build your crypto treasury strategy with a buy & hold strategy of Insula Fund tokenised shares. Adopt a diversified basket of crypto as one of your organisation treasury asset.

5. Tax and accounting best practices trainings & services.

Documentation required:

Registration and tax documents from the country your business operates in, plus disclosures of majority owners.

Business bank account to deposit funds into your business crypto account.