Purchase Insula Token in 5 minutes

Get your own crypto wallet

The first step to start using Insula is that you will need a crypto wallet that interacts with the Ethereum Blockchain. We recommend MetaMask.

1. Before moving to the next steps, acknowledge Metamask’s basic safety tips here.

2. Get the extension and create your Metamask account now 
here. Watch the video and follow the steps. You can install Metamask on your mobile or on your computer.

 Buy ETH 

The next step is to get ETH into your account. This will be used to pay for transactions and invest in the fund.

1. Make sure you have created an account, got verified and purchased Ethereum (ETH) here.

2. Once installed, copy the address of your Metamask wallet and send Ethereum (ETH) from Coinbase into your Metamask walletSee how to do it here.

Connect your wallet to Uniswap

Now it is time to exchange your Ethereum (ETH) against Insula Token (ISLA). 

1. Head to Uniswap.

2. On the top right hand corner of your screen, click “Connect to a wallet“.

3. Select “Metamask“.

4A Metamask panel will pop up. Connect to Uniswap if it is your first visit. Click “Next,” then click “Confirm.”

Purchase Insula Token

Now it is time to exchange your Ethereum (ETH) against Insula Token (ISLA). 

1. Under “From”, type the number of ETH you would like to exchange against ISLA. / Alternatively, under “to (estimated)”, type the number of ISLA you would like to receive in your wallet. 

2. Click “Swap”

3. A Metamask panel will pop up. Click “Next,” then click “Confirm.”

Track your investment

In order to follow the value of your fund tokens, head over to Zerion, choose “Track your portfolio” and copy paste your Metamask public key.

The app will show you all the tokens you own and the value of each token, including your Insula Tokens.

You can install Zerion app on your mobile too.