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How to become an Insula Investment Partner?

Insula outsources fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat conversions to external exchanges. This creates an opportunity for Insula and exchanges to benefit from each other’s services. An exchange can benefit from having Insula’s customers directed to it for their trades. In exchange Insula is looking to be listed on exchanges and promoted to these exchanges’ customer base. We are also interested in having exchanges display our algorithmically managed funds and/or promoting our funds to their userbase.

In addition to driving liquidity towards an exchange we are offering some of our own cryptocurrency, ISLA, as part of such an agreement. Insula Tokens can be cashed out at any point in time. ​Please feel free to send us an email to determine which kind of partnership your company can have with Insula at calum.macdonald@insulainvestments.com

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How to become an Insula Consulting Partner?

Insula outsources some of its services. Thus, if you think you fit with one or several of our services, you have the possibility of becoming one of our business partners. In fact, Insula can bring to you clients and will pay you the amount you charge. Insula will pay its partnerships only in Insula Token or Ethereum. Insula Token and Ethereum can be cashed out at any point time. Our business partners are both companies and freelancers (only B2B partnerships).

How does it works?

First of all, you must complete the questionnaire below in order to give us preliminary information for the smooth running of a possible partnership.
Then, after receiving the questionnaire, we will study your file. Thus, if it suits us, we will contact you to offer you a partnership offer. If we agree, then you will officially be part of the Insula partners.

Then, as soon as a request from one of our customers corresponds to your fields of action, we will contact you. A cost estimate will be made on your part and if the price suits us, the mission will be sent to you. Once the mission is completed, we pay you the amount fixed in advance either in insula Token or in Ethereum. This is how partnerships work at Insula!

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