What is Insula?

Insula Investment Management was founded  in 2018 in London.

Insula™ operates blockchain-based investment funds that allow investors to maintain control over their crypto assets in a cyber secure environment.

Our mission is to build on the concepts and infrastructure of Web 3.0: 

A decentralized and fair internet where users control their own cryptocurrency, data, identity and destiny.

Insula aims at maintaining its position as the techiest crypto hedge fund available on the market by continuously developing disruptive crypto asset management solutions inspired from the traditional equity market.

Insula Investment Management™ operates as an ICT (information communications technology) company registered in Portugal.

Insula Overview

Automation 🏧

Access to trading algorithms via our investment funds. The portfolio components change over time to continuously select the best projects in the crypto market. 

With this in mind, we have decided to run our pure quantitative investment strategy 100% algorithmically from the decisions (portfolio management) to the execution (trading).

Security 🔐

Self-custodian: empowering our investors by allowing them to be their own bank by owning their own private key.

Reliability 👁️

Insula fund performance is continuously audited using cryptographic proofs. Insula fund data is publicly available on the Ethereum distributed ledger.

Why choose us? 

A growing crypto market 📈

The crypto market recently crossed $1 trillion in total market capitalisation. JPMorgan expects financial services companies from the US, EU, Japan and the UK to allocate at least 1% of their capital to Bitcoin.

An available early access 📅

Benefit from on-demand educational sessions with a dedicated client relationship manager.

Insula provides investment services to streamline the onboarding and investment process of our clients, which is a benefit that is not currently offered by most of the largest financial institutions.

Insula fund is 100% transparent 🧮

Insula uses blockchain & smart contracts to raise the accounting transparency standards offered by classic funds (UCITS/AIF).


As of today, our competitive advantage consists of our institutional grade standards:

Cybersecurity & direct ownership 

Our investors truly own their private keys & crypto assets, without any counterparty risk. 

Competitive pricing 

0% management & custodial fee on all our investment products. Only a 20% performance fee applies if we generate returns.

Automated technology 

Complete disintermediation & 0% human interference in the investment process & asset selection.

Personal attention 

Assistance layer to explain better our software layer, in case of need.

Compliant & privacy enhancing solution

AMLD5 & GDPR compliant client onboarding 

Interest alignment & traceability

Insula and its employees take 100% of its profit & salaries in Insula Token, our native utility token. It is available for analysis on its open distributed ledger.

We take investors by the hand from A-Z for a successful experience.

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