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About us

What is Insula?

Insula™ operates blockchain-based investment funds that allow investors to maintain control over their crypto assets, in a cyber secure environment without any counterparty risk.

With Insula you can buy, store and send Insula tokens globally, and explore Insula investment apps while owning your investor data.

Our mission is to build on the concepts and infrastructure of Web 3.0:

A decentralized and fair internet where users control their own cryptocurrency, data, identity and destiny.

Insula Sales Deck par Jules Antoine Marie Michel Becci-Morin de la Rivière

The Insula Experience

Insula Investment Management

Core free products..

Do-It-Yourself decentralized, cyber-secure, diversified & liquid blockchain funds.

Our Plain Vanilla Exchange Traded Funds offer simple yet complete access to all cryptoassets via our platform. Each synthetic fund token (FND) is a first of its kind, issued by Insula on the blockchain.

Price: 0% management & custodial fee
30% performance fee.

Insula Premium

 Optional paid supplements.

Support on our own investment products.

We provide technical support on our own investment products.


Decentralised Finance Corporate Advisory.

Tailored advising sessions with a dedicated specialist consultant.
In-depth analysis of present-day challenge.
Development of strategic strategy to promote growth.

Price: 499 ISLA/year

Why Insula?

Insula aims at maintaining its position as the techiest crypto hedge fund available on the market by continuously developing disruptive crypto asset management solutions inspired from the traditional equity market. As of today, our competitive advantage consists of our institutional grade standards:

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